Terminology 101

A lot of information is available out there on Therapeutic Reflexology and Meridian Therapy. But reading these articles or books may be confusing and hard to understand if you don't have a clue what certain terms mean.

With this post I wish to convey what some of these word might mean and hope that when you read an article, post or book that it might give you, the reader, a better understanding of what the author is trying to say.


Also know as energy pathways. Acupuncturists many insert needles on certain points on the meridians during treatment.

I like to describe meridians as wires that run within a circuit, and these wire conduct a form of energy also known as Qi. Imagine that these wires run throughout the entire body, penetrating each and every organ.

QI (pronounced Chi)

Also know as Vital Life-force, energy or one's spirit.

Like it or not we are all made-up of energy.

All matter is made up of energy, every living cell in the body consist of energy. Energy is a vibration, it provides life energy to all body organs & cells. Chi represents a form of "electricity" and every atom carries an electrical charge, thus at atomic level, the body is a mass of energy fields, all influencing each other.


In therapeutic reflexology a reflex refers to a point on the feet which is considered to be a reflection of the body. The feet reflect a mini version of the body, all organs and other body parts.

These reflexes may also be on the hands or ears.

There are many school of thoughts regarding reflexes thus there are an array of various charts indicating where certain reflexes are located.

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