Introduction to the Meridians of the Body

Meridians also known or described as energy pathways traverse the whole body. The ancient Chinese divided the Meridians into 24 sections, being 12 pairs on each side of the body. Each section is linked to one of the major organs, according to the path it takes. Meridians come in pairs, each relating to and interdependent on the other for example the Liver and Gallbladder meridian.

Apart from the twelve pairs of Meridians there are two vessel meridians named the Governing and Conception vessels. These vessel meridians are carriers which transport energy into all meridians, which in turn provides Qi to every organ, tissue and cell it permeates.

There are six meridians found in the feet. These meridians are known as the six major meridians as they penetrate all the major organs found in the body.

The six meridians found in the feet are:

1. Spleen/Pancreas Meridian

2. Liver Meridian

3. Stomach Meridian

4. Gallbladder Meridian

5. Kidney Meridian

6. Bladder Meridian

There are also six meridians found in the hands. It is important to note that these meridians only penetrate the sensory organs in the face and that they do not actually penetrate any of the major organs they are named after.

The six meridians found in the hands are:

1. Lung Meridian

2. Colon Meridian

3. Circulation Meridian (also known as the Pericardium)

4. Endocrine Meridian (also known as the Triple Burner or 3E)

5. Heart Meridian

6. Small Intestine Meridian

When we experience disease or ill-health, this usually indicates that there is a build-up of toxic molecules along the meridian/s and Qi is not being received well by organs, tissues and cells being fed by these meridians.

Along the meridians we find points which are electromagnetically active and they are mainly referred to as acupuncture points. A acupuncturist will use these points to insert needles, but in therapeutic reflexology we exude pressure on these points particularly on the feet and hands with the same effect.

Once these points are stimulated, a vibrational frequency is sent along the Meridian to aid in rupturing toxic molecules apart, thus the meridian/s feeding the related organs, tissues and cells are cleared and Qi can once again move freely. By breaking up these toxic molecules we are assisting the body in it's ability to heal itself.

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