The Benefits Of Reflexology

In the stressful times we live in why should you rather consider a reflexology treatment as oppose to a nice back and shoulder massage?

There are countless benefits of having a reflexology treatment and here are a few of my favourites.

Reflexology Improves Circulation

Just as with a massage reflexology stimulates blood flow within the body, thus instantly improving circulation. Our extremities and particularly our feet tend to suffer from poor circulation due to the fact that we tend to sit or stand for long periods of time during working hours. By improving circulation to the lower extremities of the body deoxygenated blood is returned to the heart and oxygen rich blood is returned to all the cells in the body. By increasing circulation we are not just increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood in the body but also aiding the body to get rid of cellular waste which are delivered to the kidneys for disposal.

Reflexology Reduce Stress

This is an obvious benefit and most people find that after a reflexology treatment they are extremely relaxed and feel quite sleepy. The reduction of stress is achieved through deep massage on nerve-endings on the feet which release tension and stress, this usually results in improved sleep. Reflexology relaxes the nervous system and in so doing a well balanced, calm state of mind is achieved.

Reflexology Aids the Immune System

As reflexology improves the nourishment cells and organs receive through improved circulation, it in turns also helps increases the production of the body's killer cells to deal with bacteria, viruses and infections.

Reflexology Helps to Reduce Pain

It has been noted that reflexology can effectively help alleviate headaches and migraines, joint pain caused by arthritis as well as help reduce muscular pain experienced by those suffering from fibromyalgia. Reflexology also helps reduce pain experienced post-operatively. Cancer patients have found reflexology not only helps alleviate some of the pain they are experiencing but it also helps with nausea caused by chemotherapy. Women in labour and those with severe menstrual cramps have also benefited from the pain relief effects experienced with reflexology.

My personal favourite benefit of reflexology is that it makes me feel better.

Many of us have experience that "blah" feeling, you feel that something is not right, you're not stressed or ill and you are just not able to put your finger on it. You just feel "off". In my personal experience reflexology is an immediate pick me up. The reason for this strange phenomena is that somewhere in your body your chi (vital life force) is low or being blocked. Reflexology opens up those block pathways which enables chi to once again flow freely leaving you balanced and feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed.

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