Your guide to Auricular Therapy

What is Auricular Therapy?

Auricular therapy works on the principle that each area of the ear corresponds to a different part of the body, and by treating the ears we can then affect that part of your body. Auricular therapy is thus associated with reflexology and acupuncture and might be included as part of your treatment protocol.

Specific ear reflex points on the ear can help regulate the body's internal organs, structures and functions, much like a reflexology treatment performed on the feet or hands. These points can be stimulated by electric pulse pen (Agiscope),needles or manual pressure, also referred to as Ear Reflexology or Auricular Acupressure.

A Brief History

Auricular Therapy has a long history and dates as far back as to 500BC and have been practiced in Ancient China, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia. It has gained popularity again in the 20th century in Europe and also the USA.

The charts most practitioners use to day is a mixture of the ancient chinese points and points discovered by a french doctor, Dr. Paul Nogier.

The Benefits of Auricular Therapy

Auricular Therapy can assists with

* Headaches,

* Chronic back pain

* Joint pain,

* Sciatica

* Hypertension

* Dental pain


The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association found that Auricular Therapy can also be very beneficial in addiction by aiding patients to quit smoking, drinking, drug abuse and to lose weight.

How does Auricular Therapy Work?

Auricular Therapy is thus not only a means for pain relief. Auricular Therapy much like Reflexology aids the body to detox and to bring it to a balanced state by reducing the overactive bodily functions and increasing the underactive physiological processes.

The Side Effects

To date no real side effects other than the ear becoming very tender and slightly inflamed have been reported. Patients however are known to become drowsy or sleepy due to the release of endorphins.

Auricular Therapy is not effective for everyone. Some patients might not experience relief due to the use of very strong prescribed medication and others might feel that the discomfort or even pain experienced on the ear is not worth it.

All in all I believe Auricular Therapy can be used successfully in conjunction with Reflexology in treating patients with al kinds of illnessess.

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