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Top 8 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, I have put together a list of my favourite essential oils to add a romantic spark to your life.

Whether you want to create arousal in a relationship or want someone you romantically admire to be drawn to you, aromatherapy is a great tool to enhance romance.

Essential oils can have a profound effect on the Amygdala, the emotional center of the brain through inhalation or by topical application to the skin which gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

I recommend using Therapeutic Grade essential oils as these are pure and unadulterated. This is particularly important when opting for topical application. Remember to dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil to prevent skin irritation. My personal favourite carrier oil is Jojoba oil or alternatively Fractionated Coconut Oil.

To find out more about the below essential oils and their properties, click on the arrow to read more.


Ylang-ylang has an extensive history of use in both the East and the West. In Indonesia, petals of Ylang-ylang are scattered over the bed of newly weds. It has been shown to act like a natural impotence remedy and help increase the libido of both men and women. It boosts energy and creates feelings of relaxation. Diffuse it, or apply it topically to your temples, wrists or the back of the neck.







Clary Sage

Feeling overwhelmed with all of this information give the below diffuser recipes a try!

Valentine's Diffuser Blends

Should you wish to purchase Therapeutic Grade essential oils or a quality diffuser please get in touch to place your order.

Wishing you a beautifully romantic Valentine's Day!

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