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Benefits of Reflexology to the Expecting Mom

Pregnancy is a magical time in any women’s life unfortunately there are so many things which can harm you and your unborn baby so when seeking relief from the not so pleasant aspects associated with pregnancy, be assured that reflexology is a safe and natural therapy that can be extremely beneficial to a healthy pregnancy.

Reflexology provides a comforting and nurturing environment for both mother and baby. Yes, even while they are still in utero! Reflexology balances the body and its systems in a natural way. On a physical level your stress hormones are reduced whilst you are receiving a reflexology treatment and thus you feel calm and relaxed which your unborn baby picks up on.

During treatment you can discuss some of your fears and worries with your reflexologist who in turn will provide you with emotional support. Your reflexologist will provide you with useful tips on how to foster healthy habits leading to a healthier lifestyle within the family unit.

The other benefits reflexology offers to the expectant mother are:

  • Reflexology may assist in reducing ongoing morning sickness

  • It helps alleviate fluid retention in hands & feet.

  • It can assist in reducing fatigue to a certain extent and you may even experience a bout of increased energy.

  • Reflexology may improve sleep, allowing you to wake feeling more rested.

  • Reduces digestive disorders like heartburn/indigestion

  • Expectant mothers who have regular reflexology treatments during their pregnancy have been found to be calmer & more relaxed, which may assist in a smoother birthing process.

  • Regular reflexology treatments during the third trimester can help alleviate back pain and in some cases the need for pain relief may be reduce.

  • Reflexology may assist in getting the body ready for the baby to be born, by helping the body produce optimum hormone levels. These sessions are called labour priming and involve intense pressure being applied to the feet and certain acupressure points that are not as relaxing as a regular session. If you are over your due date and worried about being induced, it is well worth considering 2 – 3 consecutive sessions of labour priming reflexology as many women find that they naturally go into labour afterwards.

Benefits of postnatal reflexology:

  • Assists in rebalancing your hormones after birth.

  • Encourage your body to heal itself.

  • Postnatal reflexology may stimulate milk flow for breastfeeding.

  • Promote restful sleep.

  • May boost vital energy levels.

As reflexology is a natural and safe therapy, it can soothe common maladies that babies may suffer from without potential side effects. As well as improve the overall health of your baby. Reflexology treatments for babies are short and last no longer than 10 minutes.

Benefits of reflexology for your baby:

  • Reflexology can sooth a cranky baby

  • Reflexology may help relieve tummy pains and constipation

  • Reflexology may reduce colic

  • May aid in reducing symptoms accompanied with teething

When is reflexology not recommended?

  • When the expecting mom has deep vein thrombosis, as reflexology assist in improving circulation of blood there is a good chance that a blood clot could be dislodge.

  • When the expecting mom has a history of miscarriages or you have a history of labour starting before 37 weeks gestation.


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